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  1. How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

    Weight loss is a constant trend for athletes, weightlifters, and the general population, and with good reason. Over two-thirds of the American population is considered obese or overweight. Being overweight or obese puts you at risk of a wide range of health problems, including:   Type 2 diabetes Cardiovascular disorders High blood pressure Osteoarthritis Strokes…

  2. Is Fasted Cardio the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast?

    Weight loss is a constant focus among athletes, weightlifters, and the general public. From diet fads to workout trends, people are regularly looking for ways to shed pounds and slim their waistlines.   Fasted cardio has become a controversial practice that blends dieting and workout habits in an attempt to lose weight. However, the jury…

  3. 5 Ashwagandha Benefits You Can’t Live Without

    Ashwagandha, scientifically known as Withania somnifera, is a common herb that has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Said to imbue people with the virility and strength of a horse, ashwagandha has been used for over two millennia, particularly in India, the Middle East, and North Africa.

  4. 3 Key Ingredients That Help You Control Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

    iFAS503® is an innovative proprietary supplement that promotes weight loss through a boosted metabolism. It works by inhibiting fatty acid synthase (FAS), an enzyme that is naturally produced in your body that create fatty acids. These fatty acids can either be stored as triacylglycerol in fat cells or used as fuel during any intense workouts…

  5. How Much Cardio Should I Do to Lose Weight?

    You know that you need to exercise regularly to lose weight, maintain muscle, and promote your general health and wellbeing. However, figuring out the specifics of a workout can be confusing for newcomers and veteran athletes alike.  One of the most confusing aspects of any workout is cardio. Cardio is an important piece of any…

  6. The Ultimate Biceps Workouts: 7 Biceps Exercises to Build Mass

    One of the most prominent muscles in your upper arm, your biceps are involved with just about every arm movement, from raising your arms to bending your elbows to screwing in a light bulb. They also make your arms look massive, so here are some of the best bicep workouts for mass and definition. Wide…

  7. What to Look for in a Workout Supplement

      The terrain of workout supplements can be hard for newcomers and veterans to navigate. The wide range of ingredients, compounds, formulations, and brand names can make it hard to figure out what supplements to use that are safe to use, effective, and within your personal budget.   We asked a few trainers one simple…

  8. The Best Triceps Workouts: 8 Triceps Exercises You Need to Be Doing

    It’s easy to ignore your triceps, but building them up can make a huge differences. Aside from adding more power when you push and pull, triceps balance out the overall look of your upper arms. Here are some effective triceps workouts for mass and building tone.   Bench Dips   Place a bench behind you,…

  9. What Are SARMs and Are They Safe?

    Read our most recent article on SARMs “Are SARMs safe?” here. Good workouts, a nutritious diet, and healthy sleep act as the foundation for good fitness, but many athletes, weightlifters, and gym aficionados often turn to supplements to give them an extra edge to achieve even greater results. Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, have become…

  10. How to Increase Anabolism and Decrease Catabolism

    Good metabolism plays a key role in weight control, muscle development and general health, but metabolism is actually a broader term referring to several chemical processes required to maintain life. When most people talk about metabolic rates, they are actually referring to anabolism and catabolism.


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