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About Us


MYOKEM™ was formed in 2014 to provide you with dietary supplements that help defy limitations. And to do that, we had to do some serious defying of our own. We had to say, “Screw brand hype,” and “Screw any product that only provides false hope.” Then we innovated pre-workout and fat-burning formulas that deliver in ways that have made Stack3d—and the rest of the industry—stop what they’re doing and point in our direction. It’s how we started. It’s how we’re acting today. And it’s how we’ll continue to run things in an industry that too often focuses on the bottom line instead of your top performance. Limitations aren’t going to help you get ripped. We are.

Don’t you hate the “about us” part of most websites? We’ve all accidentally clicked to one of these sections and found ourselves reading a bunch of crap about the company’s beginnings, its beyond-incredible founder, whatever, whatever, who cares.

In other words, the “about us” section is like that guy who sometimes shows up at the gym.

We’ll keep this short: We started in 2014. We make dietary supplements that have already had an impact in the industry. And we’re pretty sure it’s because we put more of the focus on you and less on our company’s beginnings, its beyond-incredible founder, whatever, whatever, who cares.

End of about us. Start of about you.

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