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Category Archives: Healthy Recipes

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    How To Boost Motivation & Beat The Winter Blues

    Most of us experience the winter blues at some point in our lives. The changes in the seasons, onset of colder weather, and fewer hours of daylight can all contribute to feeling down. This can be compounded by additional stresses caused by the holiday season. Finding money for gifts, resisting unhealthy foods, or feeling alone…

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    Don’t Let The Holidays Sabotage Your Health Goals [8 Top Tips]

    Holiday eating habits can wreak havoc with your fat-loss goals. The large, calorie-laden meals and increase in alcohol-fueled social events make it difficult to stick with your meal plans. It’s tempting to forget your healthy routine and just give in to all the sweets and treats that the holidays have to offer. But it can…

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    Best Post Workout Meals For Gaining Muscle or Losing Weight

    After an intense workout of lifting weights and doing cardio, you need to refuel your body, but stuffing yourself with the wrong foods may just cancel out your exercise efforts. What you eat immediately after working out may be more important than any other meal, especially if you want to build muscle or lose weight….

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    What is the Pescatarian Diet?

    From Atkins to veganism, diet trends come and go, but the pescatarian diet remains one of the oldest diets in the world. The pescatarian diet is similar to a basic vegetarian diet except that it includes meat, namely fish and seafood. The diet has been around for centuries and is unsurprisingly most common in Asia,…

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    Best Pre-Workout Meals for Gaining Muscle or Losing Weight

    Food is one of the most important components of building muscle and losing weight in a safe and healthy way. While fasted cardio is effective for many athletes and bodybuilders who are focused primarily on losing weight, you might find it more beneficial to eat something prior to your workout. Eating before your workout gives…

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    Top 10 Fat Burning Foods for Losing Weight

    Food is fuel. It gets you through the day and ensures that all your bodily functions and processes are in order. While most people associate food with added pounds, some foods can actually help to trim your waistline, cut fat, and maintain a healthy weight. Here are some of the best fat burning foods for…

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    Low Glycemic Carbs vs. High Glycemic Carbs

    In the world of healthy eating, diets, and weight loss, carbohydrates are often singled out as the root cause of bad health. However, not all carbohydrates are created equal, especially when it comes to their glycemic index. Let’s take a closer look at carbohydrates and how you can choose the right carbs to fit into…

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    Fueling your body: The three components every breakfast should contain

    You’ve heard it said a thousand times, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, it’s true! While MYOKEM products—like Pyroxamine and Nitramine—are great at boosting your energy and kick starting your metabolism, it’s still critical to begin your day with a healthy, nutritious meal. When it comes to building an awesome, fuel-filled…


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