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Confessions of a Pyroxamine User

pyroxamine user

Myokem was formed to develop cutting-edge formulas that get results with products designed to give you insane focus, explosive energy, long-lasting endurance and incredible pump. From the amateur athlete to the professional bodybuilder, we have everything you need to build your dream body and defy limitations.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from people who use our products!

Customer Testimonial:

As with any time you try something new, you don’t exactly know what to expect—especially when a product claims to be significantly different than every competitor in their field. I’ve never used any type of supplement before, but with the reviews I’ve read, and the successes I’ve heard from people about Pyroxamine from Myokem, I thought I’d give it a try …

Just like everyone else, I’ve been struggling to lose those last five pounds I put on during an all-inclusive vacation (a year ago!). I needed an easy way to add something to my routine that would help me stop my snack-grazing mid-afternoon and keep me focused throughout busy days.

I started taking one Pyroxamine pill every morning before I left the house for work. Here’s what I experienced:

  • Focus—I work in an industry where time is money. In the past few weeks, I’ve put in more billable hours each day than I ever have previously. Pyroxamine gave me the focus and energy to tackle projects quicker and more efficiently (my boss is definitely happy!).
  • Not nearly as hungry—I’m a grazer; I fully admit that. Not only did Pyroxamine make me feel less hungry overall, but it also gave me the focus to walk away from the doughnuts in the conference room. I stopped eating when I was full and didn’t eat when I wasn’t hungry—interesting concept!
  • Energy—Not only did I have more energy throughout the day, but the days went by faster, too. I was able to get more work done, more chores complete at home and even made dinner a few nights a week—whew!
  • Weight loss—Well, those five vacation pounds are gone (and then some!). Need I say more?

Pyroxamine has now become not just a part of my routine, but a part of my life. Who would have thought that one pill could change so many aspects of my day? Not me, but now I’m a true believer! It’s my personal recommendation that everyone pop a little Pyroxamine into their life—you’ll be happy you did!

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