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the_goalTHE GOAL

  • Burn Fat & Accelerate Metabolism
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Reduce Stress-Related Overeating
  • Actively Target Midsection Fat

the_mixTHE MIX

  • 250MG IFAS503™
  • 125MG Sensoril™
  • 80MG Grains of Paradise
  • 200MG Olive Leaf
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Clinically tested and reviewed, Thyrovate™ is an advanced stimulant-free fat burning supplement that uses a formula of carefully researched ingredients to assist in weight loss and lean muscle mass by suppressing your appetite, increasing your resistance to stress, and increasing your natural metabolic rate. Thyrovate™ specifically targets your midsection. Unlike other weight loss supplements, Thyrovate™ doesn’t rely on any stimulants to help you burn fat. This prevents the potential for negative side effects related to hyperactivity and overstimulation allowing for safe, effective fat burning.


Thyrovate™ contains ingredients that work together as a focused, efficient non-stimulant fat burner. These ingredients not only replace, but improve upon conventional stimulants.

  • JAPANESE MUGWORT EXTRACT – In Thyrovate™, Japanese mugwort extract acts as a metabolic booster.
  • Patented Ingredient iFAS503
     – In Thyrovate™, iFAS503® limits the body’s ability to produce fatty acids, resulting in weight reduction and appetite suppression.
  • OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT – Olive leaf extract contributes to both weight loss and stress resistance in Thyrovate™ by increasing your body’s metabolism and increasing adrenaline and thyroid chemicals that encourage overall fat burning.
  • WEAK JUMBY PEPPER – As a component of Thyrovate™, weak jumby pepper provides the energy of caffeine in a caffeine-free fat burner.
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract
     – Ashwagandha is mainly used as an ingredient for reducing stress and anxiety. Through Sensoril®, Thyrovate™ can promote your weight loss and keep you energized and mentally focused throughout your workout.
  • PARADOXINE™ GRAINS OF PARADISE –  Paradoxine™ creates a thermogenic effect in Thyrovate™ to increase metabolic rate.
  • WAKAME EXTRACT – The extract is rich in fucoxanthin, a compound that has been shown to boost metabolic rate and improve carbohydrate metabolism, allowing for efficient weight loss and energy use.
  • Bioperine Black Pepper Extract
     – As the patented form of black pepper extract, Bioperine® improves the bioavailability of the other ingredients in Thyrovate™, allowing for greater absorption and effect.
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