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the_goalTHE GOAL

  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Hard, Lean Muscle Definition
  • Increased Size
  • Increase Strength

the_mixTHE MIX

  • 100MG Acacetin
  • 200MG Safflower Seed
  • 25MG Garcinia Mangostana
  • 125MG Brassaiopsis Glomerulata

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From extensive lab studies to clinical trials, MYOKEM™ has developed a unique muscle hardening agent that allows you to pack on lean muscle efficiently and effectively. The formula in Alphadex™ inhibits aromatase, increases testosterone, and balances hormone levels, delivering impressive muscle building results. As a high performance hardening agent and testosterone booster, Alphadex™ combines several ingredients to increase your strength and stamina while giving you lean, hard muscle mass that is perfectly toned and well-defined.

How it works

Alphadex™ uses a careful combination of complementary ingredients to increase testosterone and enhance the form and function of your muscles. Some of its primary ingredients include:

  • SAFFLOWER SEED EXTRACT – Studies have found that safflower seed extract can help to reduce fat around the midsection while increasing lean muscle mass.
  • BRASSAIOPSIS GLOMERULATA EXTRACT – By inhibiting aromatase, Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract effectively increases the amount of testosterone in your body.
  • ACACETIN – Acacetin also works to regulate aromatase and support a healthy ratio of testosterone to other hormones.
  • GARCINIA MANGOSTANA EXTRACT – Studies have found that the Garcinia mangostana extract can accelerate weight loss to eliminate stubborn fat and provide even greater definition in your muscles.

    – Recent studies suggest that piperine can effectively stop the formation of fat cells and reduce levels of fat in the bloodstream. Other studies have also found that the piperine in black pepper extract can modify supplement metabolism.
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