Elite Strength and Mass Accelerator


Advanced Lean Muscle Amplification Complex


MAGNITROPIN will give you:

  • Increased Strength & Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake & Absorption
  • Accelerated Muscle Growth & Recovery


  • 1.45 G Paederia Foetida
  • 300 MG Cistanche Deserticola
  • 300 MG Gentiana Lutea
  • 102 MG Epicatechin 


Developed over years of careful research and clinical trials, Magnitropin™ offers a high performance testosterone booster and myotropic agent. Magnitropin™ uses a combination of scientifically proven ingredients to help you build lean muscle mass, increase your endurance and appetite, boost your strength and improve your overall athletic performance. The advanced formula allows you to build healthy, toned muscle mass safely and efficiently.

How Magnitropin™ Works

Magnitropin’s™ main mechanism is as a testosterone booster. Increasing the amount of testosterone in your body has been shown to increase your lean muscle mass and improve strength. With a carefully selected combination of compounds, Magnitropin is a powerful test booster that will empower you to take your workouts and your physique to the next level. Using testosterone supplements like Magnitropin™ can also help you maintain higher energy levels, whether you’re at the gym or out on the town.

The Ingredients in Magnitropin™

Magnitropin™ is an effective test booster and muscle mass accelerator thanks to its unique formula, which combines several ingredients that complement each other to enhance individual effects for a greater overall result. The main active components in Magnitropin™ include:

  • Paederia foetida extract – Paederia foetida is a plant that goes by various names, including Chinese fever vine, and is the best test booster. The extract taken from Paederia foetida has been found in studies to increase male vigor and vitality by increasing the production of testosterone. Studies also show that it can help you pack on necessary weight for building muscle. Other findings suggest that Paederia foetida extract possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and may also assist in improving digestion and intestinal health.
  • Cistanche deserticola extract – Cistanche deserticola extract has been found to improve muscle recovery, strength, and endurance. It does this by storing more glycogen in muscle cells after exercise. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose, so more of it in the muscles allows for expedited recovery and reduced soreness. Studies have also shown that Cistanche deserticola extract can increase muscle mass. Other studies also suggest that Cistanche deserticola extract can boost testosterone levels.
  • Gentiana lutea extract – Gentiana lutea extract comes from a yellow flower found in central and southern Europe. This extract can stimulate gastric juices through the vagus nerve. This improves your digestion while stimulating your appetite, encouraging greater food intake to fuel growing muscle mass.
  • Epicatechin – Found primarily in cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate, epicatechin is a flavonol that has been found to increase your resistance to fatigue, which allows you to go for longer during your workouts to gain even greater muscle mass. Studies also suggest that epicatechin can effectively promote muscle growth and increased strength by stimulating muscle protein synthesis.
  • Black pepper extract – Black pepper extract is a potent source of piperine, a molecule that can inhibit the process of glucuronidation in the liver. This process maintains the levels of supplements and compounds in your body, but in some cases, it can completely negate supplements, rendering them useless. By inhibiting this process, piperine allows supplements to spend the right amount of time circulating in your body.


Why Should You Choose MYOKEM™?

MYOKEM™ spends years researching and developing supplements that use unique formulas and scientifically proven ingredients to improve athletic performance. We use clinical tests and trials to make sure each ingredient is effective on its own and in combination with other components. Each product includes a list of ingredients and nutrition facts to keep you informed of what you’re putting into your body.

Unlike other supplements on the market, Magnitropin™ uses a blend of only ingredients with scientific and anecdotal evidence to boost testosterone and show increases in lean muscle mass without gaining body fat. With improved strength and endurance, Magnitropin™ provides a boost athletic performance, confidence, allowing you to tackle obstacles in and out of the gym.

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